Embodied Quest

Liberate Yourself, Liberate Others
Elevate Global Consciousness

Supporting activists, changemakers, healers, and organizers in their personal growth and evolution.


None of us escapes the process of trauma enacted upon on us by systems as well as families and communities. The results of these traumas are a set of strategies and defenses that protect us against pain and vulnerability but that perpetuate the same patterns in our relationships and work that we aim to end in the world.


These patterns we call our “personality” are learned and inherited survival patterns that block our access to the expansive compassion, capacity for deep intimacy, and personal liberation that inherently exists at our core and longs to be fully expressed.


Though we may have an intellectual understanding of our survival patterns, the patterns persist because:

The strategies, defenses, and stories are absorbed by the biological and energetic body.

Therefore, any true resolution of trauma or other barriers to personal (and global) liberation, whether these traumas are personal, generational, or societal, must be healed through the body.

Activist/Organizer Support

Liberation work is a process of dropping into deeper truths than the ones laid out for you, and that required seeing, being, and doing from the heart. Your ability to do that is limited by the deeply rooted beliefs, often rooted in trauma, that block your access to the divine, authentic self at your core. Using somatic-expressive work and energy medicine combined with traditional therapeutic techniques, you will release the blocks that will allow you to return to your inherent wholeness and freedom.


Embodied Latinx Leadership Academy is a new venture born out of a desire to support Latinx women and femmes in their exploration of decolonization and conscious leadership. ELLA delves into deep healing of the lies we and our ancestors have been told about who we are and seeks to remove barriers to healthy power and courageous leadership that are needed to generate a bigger vision for the planet. Our online community, (R)evolutionary Rompereglas, is open for registration again in September 2020!


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The bioenergy sessions are something incredible, powerful, and enlightening for the soul and spirit. I want to thank Isha for all the support, love, kindness, and strength that she provides to me as her patient and makes me feel as her friend. The connection from the group sessions are the most amazing experiences. Thank you Isha and every one of you, ‘my people,’ for the support and help to be part of this love energy family.

Elizabeth B

Isha creates a safe and nonjudgmental space where I can bring my full self. I would not be able to do the work I am doing professionally without this sacred space she creates.

Julia B

Isha is an incredibly gifted soul full of empathy and compassion. She has such warmth, kindness and an unconditional acceptance of who you are, where you are personally on your journey. She assists in empowering yourself through a gentle, hands on approach working with your body’s energy with a mindfulness approach utilizing individual counseling and movement classes. I would highly recommend her to those looking to engage in a therapeutic relationship to better oneself, find inner peace, and healing.

Elizabeth O

I had the incredible opportunity of participating in a daylong workshop with Isha. Her full, loving presence modeled for us how to inhabit our whole bodies, and made it clear that she practices what she preaches. As someone who has been involved in somatic work for some time, I was struck by how she fluidly she incorporated various disparate elements that spoke to whatever was needed in the moment. I know I have difficulties being comfortable in expressing myself with my whole body, but the way she facilitated the group work finally made this accessible to me– particularly with my blocks around “forbidden” emotions I had not worked through! Everything was okay to bring to the room, and this was so deeply validating. I was also surprised to see how the “individual” work that we witnessed facilitated deep shifts in my own internal landscape. Still glowing in the aftermath of this day, I feel tender, whole, and ready to continue growing into my most authentic self. I can’t wait for future opportunities to continue working with Isha!”