Embodied Quest

Liberate Yourself, Liberate Others
Elevate Global Consciousness

Where in your life and relationships are you not fully free?


As an activist, helper, and healer in this world, you give yourself to the work of liberating others, often to a point where you find yourself deep in overwhelm and wanting to numb your own exhaustion and heartbreak.  Your rage may come out sideways toward the people you love, or worse, go inward and manifest in self-destructive ways. You are, after all, simply human. So where do you go to share the load you are carrying, release all your held emotions, process your inner blockages, and heal your own wounding?


I will support you in your deep inner liberation work so that you can shine your brightest light into the world.


We all hold stories in our bodies that block our access to the expansive compassion, capacity for deep intimacy, and personal liberation that inherently exists at our core and longs to be fully expressed.

Sometimes we speak of liberating others when we ourselves are not free of our own inner judgment and punishment. Or, we preach anti-oppression and perpetuate subtle form of oppression in our closest relationships.

None of us escapes the process of generational and developmental trauma. The strategies and defenses–also known as blocks–that we acquire in childhood or through karmic inheritance show up in our adult lives as patterns that create suffering in our relationship to ourselves and other people. They can even make us chronically physically ill!

Though we may have an intellectual understanding of our survival patterns, the patterns persist because:

The strategies, defenses, and stories are absorbed by the biological and energetic body.

Therefore, any true resolution of trauma or other barriers to personal liberation, whether they are personal, generational, or societal, must be healed through the body. When blocked energy is released and restored to its right place, you will:

    • Develop more compassionate awareness of unconscious defenses and reactions that are driving your life.
    • Experience more freedom and aliveness in your body.
    • Feel more courage to express yourself from your highest truth in every moment.
    • Gain language with which to name and address patterns within yourself and in your relationships.
    • Enjoy a deeper capacity for intimacy within the landscape of your emotions and in your relationships.
    • Align to your soul’s purpose in your life and work. 

Activist Support

Inner liberation involves opening the heart and connecting to spirit, but we can’t do that when we are carrying beliefs that block our access to our divine self. Using somatic-expressive work and energy medicine combined with traditional therapeutic techniques, you can do the deep healing you are meant to do, healing that will set you free.

Embodied Relationship

Relationships are the wisdom path to knowing ourselves more deeply, but it is often the place of destructiveness and pain. I offer embodied relationship sessions online that help you get clear about the unconscious intentions driving your relationship patterns while finding ground in authenticity, truth, and safety.


Embodied Latinx Leadership Academy is a new venture born out of a desire to support Latinx femmes in their exploration of leadership that is authentic to who they are personally and culturally, while removing barriers to the power and courage needed to carry out their vision for the world. The new website will be launching in October!

Community Process

Community-based healing is the center of my work, as I believe the deepest healing happens in relationship with the collective. The hyper-focus on individualism makes us sick, and community is what ultimately heals us. Every year I offer workshops and classes to help you deepen your capacity for connection and to accelerate your evolution.


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The bioenergy sessions are something incredible, powerful, and enlightening for the soul and spirit. I want to thank Isha for all the support, love, kindness, and strength that she provides to me as her patient and makes me feel as her friend. The connection from the group sessions are the most amazing experiences. Thank you Isha and every one of you, ‘my people,’ for the support and help to be part of this love energy family.

Elizabeth B

Isha creates a safe and nonjudgmental space where I can bring my full self. I would not be able to do the work I am doing professionally without this sacred space she creates.

Julia B

Isha is an incredibly gifted soul full of empathy and compassion. She has such warmth, kindness and an unconditional acceptance of who you are, where you are personally on your journey. She assists in empowering yourself through a gentle, hands on approach working with your body’s energy with a mindfulness approach utilizing individual counseling and movement classes. I would highly recommend her to those looking to engage in a therapeutic relationship to better oneself, find inner peace, and healing.

Elizabeth O

I had the incredible opportunity of participating in a daylong workshop with Isha. Her full, loving presence modeled for us how to inhabit our whole bodies, and made it clear that she practices what she preaches. As someone who has been involved in somatic work for some time, I was struck by how she fluidly she incorporated various disparate elements that spoke to whatever was needed in the moment. I know I have difficulties being comfortable in expressing myself with my whole body, but the way she facilitated the group work finally made this accessible to me– particularly with my blocks around “forbidden” emotions I had not worked through! Everything was okay to bring to the room, and this was so deeply validating. I was also surprised to see how the “individual” work that we witnessed facilitated deep shifts in my own internal landscape. Still glowing in the aftermath of this day, I feel tender, whole, and ready to continue growing into my most authentic self. I can’t wait for future opportunities to continue working with Isha!”