We can’t have conversations about liberation without talking about how personal, generational, and collective trauma is blocking us from our own authentic power and conscious leadership.


I know what it’s like to hurt for the world, to feel angry, to energize that anger into action, only to later collapse into a depression.

I know what’s like to GO GO GO and feel disconnected from your body until your feelings hit you like a truck and you can’t move.

Maybe you feel like you have to show up a particular way and are afraid what people would think is they saw how vulnerable you felt on the inside. So you hold up a convincing mask and don’t get the connection and support you really need.

And maybe the work that you do, the good work, is touching into your own traumas. You get triggered and can’t seem to resolve the original source of the wound.

I’ve been there, and through somatic-based community healing I gained the tools to sit with my deepest fears, insecurities, and self-destructive beliefs.

I don’t believe in your brokenness. I believe that you are already whole but that you’ve been looking at yourself through a broken window, thinking that what you see is real.

Trauma is healed through the body and with your willingness to feel and metabolize pain.

I believe that the most powerful healing happens in community, not in individual therapy or process.

In community, you will understand how connection, deep presence, and authentic expression can allow you to access your strength and highest potential so that you can ride this wild life, do the important work you came to do, and have intimate relationships.

-Imagine what it would be like to allow yourself to be fully human, to show up in your vulnerability, take responsibility, and thereby own your power.

-Imagine what it would feel like to be with your fears in a way that still allowed you to be open.

-Imagine what it would be like to experience the full range of pleasure, freedom, purpose, and connection.

Isn’t that what you want, to accept and love yourself? Isn’t that what your ancestors have always desired for themselves and ultimately, for you?

Contact me to organize and/or facilitate a workshop or retreat for your group or organization. I am also available for speaking engagements.

As a result of body-focused liberation work you will:


Develop more compassionate awareness of unconscious defenses that are driving your perception and decision-making;

Experience more freedom and aliveness in your body, including your heart;

Feel more courage and capacity for vulnerability, supporting you to live your truth in any moment;

Have less reactivity and more responsiveness to external stressors;

Develop wider capacity to name and address patterns in your relationships with people and situations;

Align to your soul’s purpose in life and work.

My Education

I received my doctoral degree in counseling psychology from the University at Albany, State University of New York. I chose to focus on multicultural issues in both my research and academic work and received significant training in industrial/organizational psychology. During my internship in New York City I worked primarily with the underserved Black and Latinx community, and was trained in mindfulness-based interventions such as Focusing, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and relaxation techniques.

I continued my passion for trauma work with Latinx people during my postdoctoral years at a community mental health clinic. It was there that I became interested in moving beyond talk and going into the body as a way to more effectively heal early, repetitive trauma. I found Core Energetics through a friend and fell in love with the work during an immersion weekend.

Having completed my 4-year certification, I currently combine my somatic practice with nondual spiritual approaches and energy healing techniques.

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