Leadership (and Reminders)

By January 1, 2017 Health, Wellness

For the new year I had been working on a blog piece about minimalism. As I edited and the days inched closer to the end of the year, I found myself feeling less connected to the inspirational message contained in what I had written. It felt inauthentic, as most of what I was feeling was fear and dread about where we were headed as a nation. I usually come to the end the year filled with the excitement of the new growth I hope to bring to fruition. This year I could not say “Happy New Year” without feeling ironic.

And then I woke up. Too early. The sun came up and the world had not ended. I. AM. STILL. HERE. The words of a mentor came to mind, and I wanted to share them here. I feel the truth of her words so deeply today:

At some level we all want a benevolent leader to come in and save us from life and all its complexity. Each one of us is being called to step into our own leadership. Now more than ever it is critical to cultivate presence (get the support you need to feel all that you need to feel) and let your energy and consciousness guide your day to day actions and responses. Some say we are starving for good leadership. But what we are starving for is our own leadership.

– Kate Holt, Certified Core Energetics Practitioner

I feel the place in me where I want someone else to take care of cleaning up the shit, even as I know deep in my heart that the world needs me, needs each of us for the unique gifts we have been granted. I matter, and I forget sometimes.

I also believe, at my core, that when I/you raise my/your personal consciousness, I/you contribute to the collective consciousness, i.e., the consciousness we all share as one people. So when you grow, we all grow. We are more conscious than we even have been, AND, there is no resting on laurels now.

We have beautiful, fulfilling, connective work to do.

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